Becoming fearless isn't the point, that's impossible.
it's learning how to control your fears, and how to be free from them.

haven’t posted a quality pic in a while so here xx 


i need a hug right now also nine hundred thousand dollars in cash

Anonymous said: If you don't want people posting it on weheartit without credits then post it first and ask for credits, or watermark them!
I responded:

i watermark all of my photos… and posting it first doesn’t stop other people from reposting it, i always post my photos on tumblr first.

even though i have a watermark people steal my photos.

Anonymous said: can you check out blogs who like this post
I responded:

okay :-)

Anonymous said: Whats with the hype about quality pictures? And why don't you like them posted on weheartit? Is this photography or something? You have a $700 dollar and up camera and you guys take pictures of material items.I love the pictures,I just dont get it
I responded:

if you love them why are you complaining… the hype is that people like and appreciate them. 

weheartit is a totally different story. it’s practically theft. if i take a photo nobody should own the rights but me so it’s rude when people take your photo and repost them on tumblr or weheartit or instagram as their own without any credits.

and yes, it is photography.




You dont know me but i’ve already named our kids


He has the same hair as my friends hot brother omfg ung